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California is a nation started by No_Jewtsu with the help of the towns from the California Confederacy. After 3 days of constant grinding No_Jewtsu was finally able to create the nation. California's capital is Los Angeles. California was founded on exactly 11/28/18 11:06pm PST.


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The Grind Edit

The town of Los Angeles did get robbed in it's past when they were about to form California. They had 460 gold but it was all gone the next day. This happened when towny was broken and somehow the perms weren't correct. Los Angeles wanted his towns to participate in a daily donation of gold to Los Angeles. No_Jewtsu's first approximation to get 512 gold was 5-8 days, but they did it even faster. No_Jewtsu's would be grinding 70-90 gold a day and the towns of the California Confederacy kept on donating their share. The town of Los Angeles raised 512 gold in 4 days.

The Start Edit

After getting all gold required to make a nation and eventually making it in Los Angeles, the vice president, cmad88, and the president, No_Jewtsu, we on a hurry to organize how the government should work. The first things they came up with was a democracy with mercantilism. A day later No_Jewtsu thought it was too complicated and instead made the nation a representative democracy with capitalism. He reorganized the discord in a way that he can understand. Cmad88 agreed with the changes thankfully.

California's Bad Days Edit

The Conflict Edit

A couple weeks after the foundation of the nation, a small rivalry between the towns of Phoenix and Sacramento began to brew. As a member of Phoenix and a member of Tahoe (H20 and The Lone Sperm) ran against two members of California, (NickHillburn and Cmad88)in the first presidential election, the tension escalated. H20's campaign slogan was "Say no to Sacramento", and Cmad88 and his supporters in Sacramento believed this was a campaign against Sacramento itself. (Later it would become clear this was a campaign against cmad88, not Sacramento) Shortly after this, chancellor of Sacramento JPapper shared a message in a private Sacramento chat saying "If h20 wins the election Sacramento is leaving" He shared this with h20 and other government officials, who shared it publicly and exposed cmad88 as a traitor. There were mass calls for him to resign, and the resignation vote won 9-1. Cmad88 stepped down, Sacramento declared independence later that day. (there was also a small feud over a faulty representation system that played a part in this)

The Next President Edit

No_Jewtsu said in California's discord "I decided it's my time to quit earth mc. I will be an inactive mayor. This game keeps making me stressed over retards like cmad, noobs who keep stealing my shit because the game is retarded, constant shit that keeps going on while I'm at school, and constant pinging. I really need to take my mind off this shitty fucking game and I REALLY need to be at peace. Hopefully you can understand me." These are the words he truly thought. He passed his presidency to JPapper and the Vice President H2Orangejuice. No_Jewtsu wishes California good luck after he said goodbye to EMC.

Government Edit

California's economic system is Capitalism. California's political system is representative democracy. No_Jewtsu is the president of California while cmad88 is the vice president of California. The mayors are the individual leaders of their towns that are apart of California. Each town has a representative. Representatives are elected by the citizens of California and they pass and make laws for California. California holds a presidential election every month.


California has not organized a military yet, but will in the future.


The towns of California are pretty new and small so far, but our architecture isn't a specific style. We just use whatever looks good. Most of California is in the desert except for Sacramento and San Francisco.  

Notable People Edit

People who helped out a lot and town leaders.

  • Cmad88
  • TheAmazingHotdogMan
  • The_Lone_Sp3rm
  • Mac3030
  • Dbacksrock
  • H2Orangejuice

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  • Poland
  • Korea
  • La Plata
  • Ecuador
  • Ming Dynasty
  • Norge
  • Wabanaki


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United Bear Trade Company (UBTC)