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Christianity is a religion on EMC. It is based of Christianity in real life. Its purpose is to create alliances and promote peace between nations. Christianity has different branches, promoting different views of the same religion.

Calcedonian Christianity(Catholic/Orthodox) Edit

The Eastern church (also known as The Orthodox Church) is headed by the patriarch in Constantinople, Synargle. The Eastern church on EMC can be compared to a combination of the Catholic and the Orthodox churches in real life. The most important figures in this religion are the Patriarch and the Pope.


The church has different ranks of clergy, which rank Priest, Bishop, and Patriarch. Priests manage one parish, and are ordained by Bishops. Bishops manage a large area/group of parishes. Patriarchs are large scale representatives of church groups. The Church believes in the Holy Trinity, One God, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, and that the church is the only true way leading of God.

Clergy Edit

  • Pope of Rome DinoGod
  • Patriarch Synargle
  • Bishop of Panama _SmileySkeleton_

List of nations following the Calcedonian Church. Edit

Ianism Edit

Description Edit

Ianism is a form of Christianity in which it is believed the persons Ianspace71 and IanNotEN are incarnate of one Godly essence and they make up "God". Ianists believe IanNotEN is an eternal God-person who created the universe, and that IanSpace71 is a God-person who interacts and looks over human affairs.

The Ocult Edit

The ocult is the same as Cristianity, but it foucuses on the study of the Elder gods, go read the article.

Armenian Crusader ChurchEdit

The Armenian Crusader Church is an independant ethnic Armenian Church derived from the Orthodox Church , it has been founded in Cilicia_Armenia by God_Of_Murloc an Armenian Settler in Anatolia The main Doctrine of the Armenian Crusader Church is the Growth and Expansion of Christianity in the Middle East and mainly the Holy Land.

List of Town following the Armenian Crusader Church: