Description Edit

Brazil was founded in Terra Nova under the union and contribution of all its cities on day 11/09/2018, Integralist Brazil is ruled by a supreme leader along with a chanceller and ministers.

Brazil's pioneers and founders are made up of the old Brazilian settlers of the city of Curitiba and Salvador in EarthMC Classic and by the original government of Brazil (Back when it was a spanish vassal)

Government Edit

Leader - Heinz88

Chanceller - MareshallZorn


- Lucastorni

More are still to be decided

Architectural Wonders Edit

Brazilian Metro, from Belo Horizonte to Sao Paulo. (yet to be finished.)

History Edit

Sao Paulo, an Urbs Antiqua town is founded - October 2018

Founded as monarchy - November 2018

The Monarchy suffers an integralist coup, led by Heinz, “cities starved and did not have the necessary support for development, while the cities that had members in the parliament grew and benefited.” as he said.

That resulted in the abdication of Marco_Jenkins, saying: “Citizens of the Empire of Brazil, today at 18:40, the cities of Porto Alegre, Curitiba and São Paulo presented me with an ultimatum demanding my resignation and the exchange of immediate leadership of Brazil. The terms are practical and aspire to change, a change to which I, Marco Fereis, am willing to accept.” and in the reborn of Brazil as a nationalist and despotist nation - 20 of November 2018.

Notable People Edit

  • Marco_Jenkins
  • Carlos_Dorelli
  • Heinz88
  • MareshallZorn
  • SrMarcola
  • Lucastorni
  • kaue_terror