La Plata, officially the Kingdom of Río de la Plata, is a nation is Southern South America.

Description Edit

La Plata is only bordering one other nation, that is the Empire of Brazil, to the northwest. It's largest cities are Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Córdoba, Rosario and Bahía Blanca.

History Edit

Early History (132 BC-45 BC) Edit

The first recorded mention of La Plata was in a book from 132 BC, where it was called Argentina after the Latin name for silver, Argentum, because it was the supposed Land of Silver. When Spanish Colonists arrived at 55 BC, they realized that there was no iron, so they named it La Plata, after the La Plata river. However, the official name was Nueva Andalucia (New Andalucia). The first city to be founded was Buenos Aires (old manner: Santa María de Buen Ayre) soon followed by Bahía Blanca (old manner: Baya Blanca de los Charcas) and Córdoba (de el Santo Joseph).

Establishment of the Audienca La Plata de los Charcas (44 BC) Edit

After the Spanish Government realized that the citied slowly wanted to have more self-rule, The Audienca La Plata de los Charcas, inside of the new Viceroyalty of Peru, was established.

Viceroyalty of Río de la Plata (1 AD) Edit

The things went pretty well in ''Los Charcas'', until a wave of self-rule demands hit Latin America after the independence of The United States, which Spain couldn't handle. That formed the start of the La Plata Revolution, which ultimately failed due to a lack of resources and the realist (Spanish) control of the capital, Buenos Aires. Following that, a compromise created the Viceroyalty of Río de La Plata, which had the most amount of self-rule among the viceroyalties.

Independence (3 AD) Edit

Followed by a try to make La Plata sovereign by Viceroy Ferdinand XI., which failed, the Spanish Government decided to make La Plata independent, but a dominion of Spain.

Spanish King Crisis (4 AD) Edit

The Spanish King Crisis, in eye of the Platan Government, didn't affect the country. While La Plata was de jure a Spanish Dominion, de facto it was a constitutionless absolute Monarchy, as the nation Spain didn't exist. This is the current state of La Plata.

Government Edit

Although independent, La Plata is only represented in the Spanish assembly, although that is subject to change because of the Spanish King Crisis.

Military Edit

La Plata doesn't have it's own military, as it's a dominion of Spain. Spain protects the Dominion.

Buildings Edit

Currently, the only wonder of La Plata is the Obelisco in Buenos Aires.

Notable People Edit

  • SoyGalletita
  • Tito_zz
  • Mr_RockyRoll

National Subdivisions (Feudos) Edit

La Plata Country Subdivisions
Feudo Name Capital Governor Governor's Name
Feudo de Buenos Aires Bahía Blanca SPANISH_FIX Fij Español de Buenos Aires
Ciudad de Buenos Aires Buenos Aires SoyGalletita Rey Soj ''Galletita'' de Rosario
Feudo de Santa Fe Rosario Sach_14 Saché Quatorze
Feudo de Córdoba Córdoba Tito_zz Tito Gonzalez de Córdoba
Feudo del Chaco Austral Resistencia TawsHunter23 Taws ''Hunter'' Chaqué
Feudo del Río Uruguay Posadas Loogath Luáje Uruguay
Feudo de Chile Central Santiago Fero_Beastus Fero Bujé
Territorio de la Pampa General Roca lamotodecande Lamoto Candé