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Madagascan History Edit

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Founding Photo

Founding Edit

The nation was founded on the 10th of November, 2018 with its' leader as aTerraAustralis. This was after days of work and a rush to form the nation on the 10th. The largest contributor was PoppyKai, contributing over 300g to the cause, followed by aTerraAustralis with around 150g.

Government Information Edit

Madagascar is an Absolute Monarchy with aTerraAustralis, formerly The_Pock, and some other "ruling elite" having complete control.

Ruling Elite (Councillors) Edit

aTerraAustralis (Nation Leader)




CloakedEagle - Non Permanent Councillor

Constitution Of The Kingdom of Madagascar Edit

Article One Edit

All citizens of Madagascar have the right to land ownership, food, to carry weapons, when outside of government buildings, and the ability to move freely throughout the country. Any violation of these rights shall be met with harsh punishments.

Article Two Edit

All citizens have the right to leave the nation when they choose. Town mayors, outside of the core land of Madagascar, Réunion, Mauritius, The Comoros Islands, Mayotte and the Glorioso Islands, have the right to depart from the nation when they choose. Any towns departing within core territory will be faced with harsh consequences, unless they are granted independence by Parliament.

Article Three Edit

Parliament is made up by the 3 ruling Chancellors, aTerraAustralis, add___123 and PoppyKai, and the town mayors on the island. An MP's position may be revoked, and their voting rights removed, after a unanimous agreement by all 3. 2/3rds of Parliament must agree on any foreign conflict that the nation partakes in before war is declared. This includes 2/3rds of Chancellors, regardless of the rest of parliament's vote. Chancellors have the right to call a parliamentary vote at any time.

Article Four Edit

All citizens must be prepared to fight in a defensive war to protect the nation. No Citizen is forced to fight abroad, but must be able to defend the homeland. If the war is provoked by Madagascar, this article is nullified.

Article Five Edit

The nation can not leave the Pan-African Development Pact without a public vote in favour of leaving the pact. The vote must have a 2/3rds majority on the poll before parliament can agree on a withdrawal agreement. Once within Parliament, all the chancellors and half the MPs must agree before the withdrawal process can begin.

Article Six Edit

No tariffs shall be imposed by the Madagascan government and all foreign citizens are allowed within the capital boundaries, unless the nations are in armed conflict. All citizens have the ability, and are encouraged to, entertain commerce within the nation's towns; as well as other nations. All nations shall be eligible for an in game alliance, but any official alliances must be negotiated and agreed by parliament.

Article Seven Edit

The constitution can be edited via amendments. This could be edits to existing articles or brand-new articles. All Chancellors must agree before an amendment is passed.

Flag Edit

The Madagascan flag used by the nation is an adaption of the Real Life Madagascan flag.

Mad flag with star

Madagascan Flag

The edit was an inclusion of a gold star. The flag's edits were added by the nation's leader, aTerraAustralis.

Golden Star

The golden star stands for unity between all four of the Island's coasts and a guiding light to help guide the nation throughout its' history.


The white stands for peace between Madagascar and other nations.


The Green stands for the protection of the Madagascan landscape, to preserve it for all eternity.


The red stands for the courage of the people.

Towns Edit

Toerana - Capital Edit

Toerana is the capital of Madagascar and is currently the oldest town in the nation, and the largest town with a population of 3. It was the starting settlement, created largely by PoppyKai, was claimed by aTerraAustralis, formerly The_Pock, after she went onto found the planned capital of Antana.

Kara Bay Edit

Kara Bay, formally Avara, is the second largest town on the island and its' mayor is PoppyKai, the first person to land on Madagascar.

Sirana Edit

Sirana is the northern most town on Madagascar and its mayor is add___123.

Soalala Edit

This is a town close to Sirana and Kara Bay with the mayor of Catnipseverbean.

Reunion Edit

The town is on the French island of Réunion with a mayor of FatBeard, created on the 23rd of November, 2018. Reunion is the first neighbor island to be claimed by Madagascar.

Masoarivo Edit

Founded on the 7th of December by Westono, Masoarivo is a small town on the western coast of Madagascar. Its small port serves as easy access to the Mozambique Channel as it is one of the only towns on the west side of the island.

Astronutica Edit

Astronutica is a town in the central, mountainous region of Madagascar. It's mayor is Cool_dude_1001 and it was founded on the 9th of December, 2018.

Mayotte Edit

Mayotte is a town, based on the island of Mayotte just of the North west coast of Madagascar. The town's mayor is Dovias and it was founded on the 9th of December 2018.

Tea Bay Edit

Tea Bay is a town just south of Coffee Bay, on the Mozambiquean coast. It was joint funded by Catnipseverbean and aTerraAustralis in response to "war" on the former town of Coffee Bay. It was founded ont he 10th of December 2018 and houses a small campsite for the military.

Vavatenina Edit

Vavatenina was founded on the 10th of December, 2018 by the mayor, AchillesLTH. It was founded inbetween the towns of Soalala and Masoarivo.

St Augustin Edit

St Augustin was a town founded on the 10th of December, 2018 by the mayor The_Grate_Poato. It is located on the West coast of the island

Marromeu Edit

Marromeu is a town on the Mozambiquean coast. It was founded on the 9th of December, 2018 by OGNOHA.

Foreign Policy Edit

Madagascar is a strictly neutral nation, keeping out of foreign conflicts if possible. Despite this, the nation does participate in the Pan-African Development Pact.

Pan-African Development Pact Edit

Madagascar's leader, aTerraAustralis, is one of the 3 Chairmen of the group, being the Minister of Economic affairs. This cements the country's role as a soon to be trading hub. Hopefully to ensure the nation's security in the future. This including supplying the Kingdom Of Oyo with the final 17 gold required to form. Bringing the continent to 3 nations.

Conflicts Edit

Byzantium Incident Edit

On the 19th of November, 2018, there was a small skirmish between the Madagascan Councillor aTerraAustralis and the resident Catnipseverbeen approached the Byzantium Empress Florene after multiple requests for her to leave the island. This was because she had been spotted going down the west coast of Madagascar and collecting clay without informing any official. Due to her refusal to leave, she was attacked by aTerraAustralis and Catnipseverbean. She was chased in the water by Catnips in a boat, and aTerraAustralis swimming behind her. She teleported out near the Maldives.

Norwegian War Edit

Madagascar declared war upon Norway on the (To Be Written - Still Ongoing)

The Coffee Bay Conflict Edit

The Coffee Bay Conflict began on the 9th of December 2018, when Coffee Bay resident Moshmallows murdered PoppyKai outside Toerana, the nation's capital. Coffee Bay was kicked out of the nation and a siege was planned on the town itself. aTerraAustralis, catnipseverbean, add123__ and Westono sailed to the town and killed Moshmallows.

Negotiations failed and conflict further escalated. On the 11th, Tea Bay was formed south of Coffee Bay by Madagascar and Espresso Bay was formed on the western coast of Madagascar by Coffee Bay. On the 12th, Destined2bGreat offered to sell the two towns to aTerraAustralis but the offer was rejected. Coffee Bay was given to free to Adaster54 of Cape Verde, who then gave them to Madagascar for 55G, without Coffee Bay knowing.

Coffee Bay is now Madagascan and old Coffee Bay residents left to settle in India, despite Espresso Bay still being a thing. Now Theo gang has left for T_Gay_Bay where they made a giant statue insulting aTerraAustralis. They are planning to attack back. But that will be a story for later generations.