About No_Jewtsu Edit

No_Jewtsu is the person that keep constantly editing his towns (Los Angeles, Beijing) on the Wiki and keeps putting too much info on his pages. He is known for wanting to start the Ming Dynasty; too bad this will never happen. He is from Los Angeles in real life and that is what lead him to settle in Los Angeles after abandoning Beijing. No_Jewtsu is also well known for his multiple run-ins with the law for use of racial slurs and childish language into chat.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Rough Start of Beijing Edit

No_Jewtsu founded a town called Beijing, but it turns out it was a little too far south of the actual Beijing. It was the 31st town ever in EarthMC. No_Jewtsu had a lot of trouble getting members and it was probably because of the lack of Buildings and overall Quality of the town. He grinded solo for quite some time and he was desperate for members to help him. He made friends with Seoul during the testing period and both of them had good trading relations.

Slow Rise of Beijing Edit

No_Jewtsu decided to make his town toggled to open so he didn't have to invite people. This did make his town grow, but came with risks. He started getting more people and his peak population of Beijing was 9. Him and his town members started to build more pagoda like buildings as houses. They made friends with Hong Kong and even did a small raid with them (First Raid of Thailand). They were off to a great start, but something occurred. Beijing was robbed down to the dust. All the items they struggled to get were gone and stolen by FearTheFilth. This is one of the outcomes of not setting up perms correctly. After the robbery lead to the downfall of Beijing.

Fall of Beijing Edit

Beijing isn't abandoned, but it's pretty much dead as of 11/12/18. The robbery caused every town member to leave due to lack of confidence for the town. Hong Kong lost faith in Beijing and broke their alliance with Beijing. Soon the leaders of Beijing, BadMineBoy17 and No_Jewtsu, also started to lose confidence for the town. No_Jewtsu wanted a whole new start and wanted to settle in a place he knew a lot about.

Start of Los Angeles Edit

No_Jewtsu was talking with BadMineBoy17 on discord and they both agreed to give someone else Beijing and settle in Los Angeles. They took everything with them including all 151 gold in the bank. They left Beijing broke. They joined Vancouver and left instantly and started heading toward Los Angeles. They put a claim on San Pedro, where No_Jewtsu is exactly from. Then they placed 8 more claims around the area. The first structures they build were part of the Ports O' Call Village and they were the Ports O' Call Fish Market and the Ports O' Call Mine Shop. Inactivity takes place a few days after the start.

Inactivity Edit

No_Jewtsu started becoming inactive and relied on BadMineBoy17 to do the work for the town for now.

Quick Rise in Los Angeles Edit

No_Jewtsu became active again and invited a total of 6 new people within 2 days which makes a total of 9 people in the town. No_Jewtsu later founds a religion called Jewtsuism. Los Angeles becomes Jewtsuist. No_Jewtsu forms the California Confederacy with cmad88 and other town mayors.

Quit Edit

After founding California and a few conflicts between the incompetent leader of Sacramento, No_Jewtsu has gotten tired of leading and grinding on EMC. He decided to quit and pass presidency to JPapper.

Towns Edit

Past Nicknames and Current Nickname Edit

  • Jewstu (Past)
  • No_Jewtsu (Current)
  • Patrick_Bateman (Current, but temporary)