Kingdom of Oyo Edit

The Kingdom of Oyo is a nation located on the coast of Northern Africa along the Gulf of Guinea. It is one of the port cities that controls the Korban Canal and is a founding member state of the former Pan-African Development Pact now known as the African Union. The Kingdom of Oyo has a complex political system as there are 4 levels of government with varying degrees of power. There is a Head of State, a Prime Minister, a Senate and a Parliament.

The Kingdom publicly builds housing for residents as well as public infrastructure and public services free for anyone to use. Businesses are encouraged to set up with the help from the government and free trade is actively encouraged with new infrastructure projects and connectivity to other towns and nations.

The Kingdom is diplomatic and wants to encourage peace, trade and prosperity in all parts of the world. It especially wishes to help Africa grow and defend it from colonialism.

History Edit

The Kingdom of Oyo was formed on the 13th of November 2018 by xCptSpiffyx, Rolum was made Emperor and in charge of the military. As the capital was focused on developing, the overall nation had carried out construction of the Korban Canal. It was completed on the 19th of November 2018 and is currently the largest canal in the world. It was jointly built with the city of Houmt Souk. The Kingdom of Oyo had gained land during this time. Port De Meme a close neighbour to Lagos, Idon City built along the canal in the Sahara Desert. The newest land secured is the island town of Sao Tome which was secured with some struggle but was settled with the Loincloth Pact. More recently the Head of State enacted reforms to the political system by abdicating the position of Emperor and installing a more democratic system of government. This has resulted in the position of Prime Minister being created, and the beginning of construction of a Senate and Parliament.

Government Edit

The government of the Kingdom takes a social democratic stance when it comes to governing, ensuring residents have a high standard of living and allowing businesses to conduct free trade.

The government has different levels to ensure there is accountability and so one person doesn't have total control over the country. The Head of State is to represent the country to other nations and are involved in foreign affairs and diplomacy. They can veto any law but this decision can be overthrown by the Senate and Parliament.

The Prime Minister is a position appointed by the Head of State, they also represent the country but they also appoint cabinet ministers and do the general running of the country. The Prime Minister can also create and revoke laws.

The Senate is made up of Governors(Mayors) from each town and have the power to create and revoke laws and also can veto laws passed.

The Parliament is made up of regular citizens from every town and have the power to create laws.

Different levels of government can veto each other except that the Prime Minister can't veto the Head of State. Depending on what level is being vetoed, different percentages are needed for veto power to take place. This ranges from 66% to 75%.

In the event of a popular uprising of the Head of State an individual is selected to ensure national stability, this position is called "The Democratic Safeguard."

Military Edit

The Kingdom of Oyo has not yet created a formal military but expects high ranking government officials to take on a call to arms. It is felt a military is not needed as the kingdom takes a defensive approach to it's national security and foreign affairs.

Buildings Edit

There are no distinct buildings yet constructed in the Kingdom. The only distinctive thing that has been constructed has been the Korban Canal. There are plans to create Africa's tallest skyscraper in Lagos to act as a hotel and bar for travellers using the Korban Canal.

Notable People Edit

  • Head of State - xCptSpiffyx
  • Prime Minister - Ryacudo
  • Governors - Zubster_, Sabatarge, San3no
  • Libertarian Party Leader - xCptSpiffyx
  • Canal Engineer- naomiella123
  • Minister of City Zoning - Pork_Meatball
  • Minister of Agriculture - Method_Flux
  • Minister of Transport - White_America
  • Minister of Defence - vikinglegions
  • Minister of Urban Planning - MrJimBobJr

National Subdivisions Edit

The Kingdom of Oyo covers a large area of land, there are 4 cities. There is the region of Lagos City which is a more urban area of the nation which focuses on foreign trade and inward investment on public services.

There is the area of Port De Meme, which borders Lagos City and is looking to secede to become a Junior Partner to the Kingdom of Oyo with open borders and integration of people.

There is Idon City that is aiming to be a trade hub as it is along the canal connecting Europe to Southern Africa.

There is the island town of Sao Tome located in the Gulf of Guinea.

Political Parties Edit

So far only two political parties have been created.

  • The Communist Party - led by A_M_A_Z_E
  • The Libertarian Party - led by xCptSpiffyx
  • The Colonial Party - led by White_America
  • The Royals Party - led by Ryacudo

Historic Agreements Edit

As the Kingdom of Oyo has made plans to expand it decided to settle an island and create the town of Sao Tome, the governor was MrJimBobJr. Shortly after settling an outside group had disputed the claim stating that they owned the island. This resulted in negotiations between the leader of this group and the joint consensus of the Kingdom of Oyo's Head of State, Prime Minister and Sao Tome Governor, MrJimBoBJr. A contract was created stating that "This contract states that the town of Sao Tome, and the island it is located on. Must remain as part of the Kingdom of Oyo regardless of ownership.Those who occupy the island/town and are not within the Kingdom of Oyo will be subject to the following:-

  • Embargo from Kingdom of Oyo and it's allies
  • Citizens of Sao Tome being placed on a kill on sight list by the Kingdom of Oyo and it's allies
  • The only way to achieve independence for Sao Tome by the Kingdom of Oyo, is by the government granting it.

After reading and signing this contract. I am aware that the town and island of Sao Tome must remain in the Kingdom of Oyo unless granted independence.

This was authorised by the Head of State and the Prime Minister and was signed by Sabatarge, Governor of Sao Tome, this contract is now known as the "Loincloth Pact."