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Quebec is a francophone nation located in north america mainly in the Saint Lawrence lowlands.

History Edit

Pre national history Edit

Creation of Quebec city Edit

The concept of a country called Quebec was created with the founding of Quebec on the 8th of November 2018 by Hayden_Bourbon (formerly known as Alexios_Comneos) with some other guys. For the next 20 days, heavy mining pursued, and in some locations, lead to total depletion of mines.

Quebec-Montreal Conflict[1] Edit

On a date forgotten by time, the mayor of Montreal, Epic_este / Esburn, started having an argument with the population of Quebec which escalated rather quickly into verbal violence until a fight exploded on the st Lawrence and someone got killed. The population of Quebec got to Montreal for lost reasons (probably attacking Esburn) and got killed by some Wabenaki people. The conflict pursued into what is remembered in Quebec as the Orléans Massacre, which happened on the isle of Orléans next to Quebec city. Another minor brawl happened on the island, but no other friction happened since.

Early HistoryEdit

Foundation of the nationEdit

On the 28th of November, the nation of Quebec was founded after great effort by the population to gather gold and followed by F's in the chat by most people.

Colonisation of the lowlandsEdit

Not long after the founding of the Kingdom, one of the citizens, Ultil0l proceeded to create the town of Rimouski in the Gaspésie region, quickly followed the next day by ImDe who founded Rivière-Du-Loup.

Government Edit

The Government of Quebec is at most disorganized. It has currently no constitution and is lead by the will of the King.

Military Edit

The Military of Quebec is only consisted of citizen levy as of now.

Buildings Edit

  • The Shack
    2018-12-01 14.14.00

    The Shack.

The Shack is the First ever building of Quebec and is a rudimentary shelter originally made as a temporary building for storage, still as of today, the task is on hold due to no one wanting to move the chests inside the shack.

Notable People Edit

  • Hayden_Bourbon: King and Founder
  • Ultil0l: Main Gold Contributor 
  • ImDe: nice builder

National Subdivisions Edit

Coming Soon

  1. Note that what happened in this conflict is very unclear and some information inaccurate.