Spain, officialy the Kingdom of Spain (in spanish: Reino de España) is a sovereign state in the Iberian Peninsula which is constituted in constitutional monarchy. The spanish state suffered a period of inactivity and collapse from 19th November to 5th December known as the Era of the 18 Days, but has now recovered.

The Kingdom of Spain holds colonial nations/dominions in America:

  • Kingdom of Río de la Plata
  • Spanish Federation of Florida

History Edit

Prior to it's foundation on 16th November 2018, Spain was divided into multiple city states, most important ones being Madrid, Albacete, Cádiz and Mallorca. The nation was planned to have been founded a week after TN's release, but many of the main members having to deal with exams IRL delayed it until 16/11/2018.

Everything was going well until 18th November 2018, when after a poll, Zqppy, who turned out to be JohnsonAvenue, came back and was made king of Spain. However, he didn't have the same hype he had on July 2017 when he made Spain on classic, and resigned, giving Spain to EchoOcelot.

This started the period known in spanish history as the 18 days, in which Spain completely collapsed due to an abusive king. After revolts on 22nd November, EchoOcelot moved capital to The Hague and renamed the nation to Netherlands, causing the spanish towns to leave and to start getting gold.

This took 15 days, because of only a few, mainly NSGamer_, IronFerreumCubum and Pulpo_Pol being able to get on. However on 5th December 2018, this effort was worth it, and Spain was created, this time under leadership of NSGamer_, who had formerly ruled over Spain in Classic until May/June 2018.

On the Week of Ressurrection, as spaniards call the week in which Spain was founded again, the spanish government established relations with the french and their colony, French North Africa. The government has also been aiding the byzantines against the ottoman turks recently, but remains neutral in most ongoing conflicts.

The Spanish Empire suffered some changes, with the peaceful independence of the Philippines and the incorporation of Florida. The Spanish Army fought the Battle of Flanders against Jevil and managed to get him to retreat, the battle was won at the cost of a fallen soldier.

Relationships with other nations Edit

  • D: Dominion
  • A: Ally
  • F: Friendly
  • SF: Slightly Friendly
  • N: Neutral
  • R: Rival
  • E: Enemy
  1. Río de La Plata: D
  2. Florida: D
  3. Philippines: F
  4. Kingdom of Great Britain: A
  5. United States: A
  6. Panama: A
  7. Kingdom of Italy: F
  8. Byzantine Empire: F
  9. Empire of Brazil: F
  10. Poland: F
  11. Texas: F
  12. Kingdom of Sweden: F
  13. French Empire: SF
  14. Romania: N
  15. Cree: N
  16. Bulgaria: N
  17. Denmark: N
  18. Oyo: N
  19. Uganda: N
  20. Comanche: N
  21. Iroquois: N
  22. Netherlands: N
  23. Ottoman Tribes: E
  24. Romania: E
  25. Germany: E