Thailand (Thai: ประเทศไทย) (/ˈtaɪlænd/ TY-land), officially the Kingdom of Thailand and formerly known as Siam (Thai: สยาม), is a nation located in South-East Asia which was established on December 2nd, 2018.

Description Edit

Thailand borders only one nation currently nation which is Malaysia to the South. The largest cities of Thailand are Bangkok (the capital) and Yangon.

History Edit

Pre-Nation History Edit

The planning of the nation began on the 14th of November. The monarchy was formed on the 15th of November with Fluxify as the Emperor and was located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

During the lead up to the formation of the nation, the entire population worked as hard as they possibly could in the mines to meet the 512 gold amount for the nation. This made the main materials of the early nation diamonds, iron, emeralds, and coal.

The unformed nation of Thailand needed to defend its shores and lands so it established the Thai Royal Army on November 16th, 2018 with Jump Fox the Chief of the Army and Military Field Marshal. That same day, raids of farms took place across Thailand and it was found out that several citizens of Willyburbia on the island of Sumba were responsible. In response, the Thai Royal Army and the Royal Marine Corps from the Royal Thai Navy was ordered under the leadership of Field Marshal and Chief of Army, Fox to ransack the island's farms and homes.

Post-Nation Formation History Edit

Thai-Malaysian Border Dispute Edit


On December 3rd, Thailand contacted Malaysia about choosing which border should be used to divide the two nations. Emperor Fluxify suggested the border which is more commonly known and is historical whilst Leader PaFilin of Malaysia suggested having the border further North of the border suggested by Thailand.


With the two nations not coming to an agreement, Emperor Fluxify and CarmanHipHop created Hat Yai, a town just north of the border proposed by Thailand, they claimed they were just taking rightful territory. Malaysia decided to oppose this and used Tengah to claim around the town preventing it from expanding and claiming that they already laid claims to the land, Fluxify responded saying the land had no signs of being the next expansion for Tengah.

Malaysia offered Carman to remove the claims around the town if he joined Malaysia, the offer was refused and Fluxify went down to the town with nothing but armor and food and was attacked by the Mayor of Tengah, Fluxify made a public announcement stating that This is how Malaysia treats peaceful protests against them.

Later that day, Byzantium showed their support for Thailand. Byzantium was also contacted by Malaysia to help resolve the border dispute. Malaysia offered Thailand 32 Gold Ingots if they remove the town and agree to the border, this was refused by Thailand.

The border dispute still remains unresolved.

Monarchy Edit

Thailand is a Kingdom and is ruled by Emperor Fluxify. Unless the Emperor dies or abdicates, there is no way for another Emperor to be sworn into power. If in the event of the death or abdication of the Emperor, the person the Emperor who has chosen to be the heir will be sworn in.

Army Edit

The Royal Thai Army is lead by Fox, it consists of 5 military personnel but is expanded upon in the event of conflict. The main objectives are to protect the borders and the foreign affairs of Thailand.

The main military operations conducted by the Royal Thai Army have been the Ransack of Willyburbia and confrontations with intruders within the borders of Thailand.

Navy Edit

The Royal Thai Navy consists of the Royal Marine Corps and the Royal Coast Guard.

The Royal Marine Corps are used for conducting Military Operations oversees, mainly naval invasions whilst the Royal Coast Guard's main purpose is to defend the ports and waters of Thailand's seas from the threat of invasion and disturbance.

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Regions of Thailand (2)

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Notable Individuals Edit

  • Emperor Fluxify
  • Chief of the Army, Fox
  • Builder and Lord, Melown
  • Mayor of Hat Yai, Carman