What it isEdit

The Occult is the study and worship of the Elder Gods. This is a branch of Cristianity.

The Dieties (so far) Edit

  • Dagon, Lord of the Sea
  • Hastur, The King in Yellow
  • Cthulhu, The Gatekeeper

Dagon Edit

Worshipping Dagon, Lord of the Sea gives you his blessing, which in turn gives you better luck fishing.

How to start worshipping Dagon Edit

To build a shrine to Dagon, build a small room near the sea that has sea related blocks (Kelp Blocks, Lapis, Water, Fish).

A hidden shrine to Dagon has been constructed in St.Augustine.

Dagon's Lore Edit

Dagon is a monstrous Elder God who is adapted for the sea, He took up his realm under the waves and created a breed of fish hybrid monsters. His chosen animal is the turtle, and Dagon's followers believe that all turtle should be protected.

The King In Yellow Edit

Worshiping The King in Yellow(AKA: Hastur, The Monsterous King) gives you increased luck mining when trying to


find gold.

How to start worshipping Hastur Edit

A shrine to Hastur requires an underground shrine with wealth and yellow blocks (Gold, Sandstone, Gem Blocks, Glowstone).

Curently, there is a shrine to Hastur in El Madrid

Cthulhu Edit

Worshiping Cthulhu, The Gatekeeper will give you better luck when recruiting new members or when looking for better opportunities.

How to start worshipping Cthulhu Edit

A Cthilhun shrine must include Redstone torches, skulls, and other creepy decors, and should be built underground,

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near the Sea.

No shrines to Cthulhu have been made yet.

Cthulhu Lore Edit

(where to start) When all the Elder Gods began to slumber to eternity, Cthulhu did not rest, Cthulhu became The Gatekeeper, and watches over the slumbering Elder Gods, and waits for them to wake. Cthulhu fell asleep for an eon or so before being woken up by a group of sailors. only one sailor escaped him, ever since Cathulhu has been growing in power and awaiting his kins awakening. Cthulhu's animal is the squid.