The Solomon Empire Edit

The Solomon Empire is a sovereign nation located in the Solomon Islands(Bougainville island), Papua New Guinea, and Australia. The largest city and capital is Mergopolis

History Edit

Early History Edit

The Solomon Empire was formed by a youtuber called IanSpace71 on November 18th 2018 after mining and voting for 512 gold.

One of it's biggest contributer to the nation is DanTheOneAndOnly who donated 300 gold to the nations funding followed by IanSpace71.

The Age Of Rapid Growth(18th November 2018-Ongoing) Edit

After the independence of The Solomon Empire, the country starts to thrives with new player joining the country including in the main capital itself thanks to random inviting new players to the nation.

Goverment Edit

The political system is currently monarchist.

Military Edit

Military service is mandatory. IanSpace71 also urge their citizen to have an enchanted armor set to to prove that his nation is capable fighthing any foes or enemies of the nation itself.

Buildings and Infrastructure Edit

  • The Mergopolis Capital Building
  • The Mergopolis Jail
  • Holy Ianism Church
  • St. Ian Church
  • Sky Tower 2.0
  • Mergopolis National Road
  • Mergopolis-Port Mobsby Tunnel

Notable People Edit

  • IanSpace71
  • DanTheOneAndOnly

Culture Edit

Religion Edit

Ianism Edit

The main religion in this nation is Ianism. Ianism is a religion that worships both IanSpace71 and IanNotEN or some sort of cult of personality

Towns Edit

Diplomatic Relations Edit

  • United States (Ally)
  • France (Ally)
  • Australia (Ally)
  • Ming (Ally)
  • Malaysia (Ally)