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Tropisch lies below hills of Panama, in a flat area south of New Graz. a main road runs through the city, and smaller roads branch off from it. the town center includes the Tropic Center, some houses, and a church. additional housing projects underway.

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Early History. Edit

Made In Early November. As soon as the town started, construction on a tower began..

Organized Crime Edit

Eventually, Tropisch would become the center of Mafia activity and Panama, and start an illegal drug market that circulated through out Panama, and eventually into other nations. In Britain, Mafia members were charged with racketeering. soon, the Panama Marines would step down on all illegal mafia activity and the mafia surrendered, and has since decreased greatly in size and power

Buildings Edit

  • One Tropic Center
  • Iglesia Catolica De la Virgen De La Antigua

Notable people Edit