Overview Edit

Wabanaki is a nation made up of 3 other nations, these nations are called, Cree, Comanche, and Iroquois. These nations are called Provinces because they hold no real power or autonomy.

History Edit

The Era of the ??? - November 2018 Edit

This month the player YodaBest was elected as the new Hoyenah of Canada/Wabanaki. During November there were 5 chiefs; David_Crocket, DDime, LoganCreeper50, MylesRatliff, and Sharkfynn1012. In November a lot of new Canadians joined the nation. The Fort War happened in this month, when Wabanaki was fighting Panama. Tensions with the USA rose during this month and another nation started in Canada called, 'Canada' was made taking one of Wabanaki's towns. [this really needs to be updated]

Provinces Edit

Iroquois Edit

The Iroquois is a nation on the East coast. It's capital is called East, and it's leader is the chief, MylesRatliff. Iroquois was founded on November 4th 2018, it has 15 towns and 38 people.

Cree Edit

Cree is on the West coast and British Colombia. Its leader is the reitred leader of Canada and the old mayor of Gibraltar, owentheguy. Cree has 12 towns and 37 citizens.

Comanche Edit

Comanche is the South, they own Mexico, and the Southern United states, there capital is called South and there leader is the Hoyenah, YodaBest.

Government Edit

Wabanaki's government is a democracy. The elect new leaders every month. Every month they have an election for who should be the next Hoyenah and who should be the next chiefs. The amount of Chiefs that they have are from three to five, the amount of chiefs depends on the population of Wabanaki. Wabanaki uses rank choice voting, where you rank the Candidates from 1 - (How many people are running), you do this on each position.