World Records and Firsts Edit

This page is dedicated to highlighting the world record holders and first to perform certain actions.

List of Firsts Edit

  • First Horse Tamed: Runnerboy
  • First Non-Staff to join Earthmc: Seranil
  • First player to kill a mob: Seranil
  • First player to shoot an arrow: MLGTerra
  • First player to mine stone: Minehero43
  • First player to mine iron: Minehero43
  • First player to mine diamond: Minehero43
  • First player to mine gold: Shirazmatas
  • First wiki page not made by paper: Jacob8858
  • First player to establish a town: OsuLazulite
  • First player to climb Mount Everest: Sulakeken
  • First person to visit Iceland: bunny119
  • First person to disband a town: Magenent
  • First person to step foot in Japan: Magenent
  • First person to make a town in Australia: Magenent
  • First person to get muted: Magenent
  • First person to level up alchemy: SpookyScoops
  • First person to explore the Galapagos Islands: KoalaBox
  • First person to climb Mount Olympus: Florene
  • First person to set foot in all 7 continents: KoalaBox
  • First person to make a town in south america: bunny119
  • First Nation (Britain): MineHero43
  • First functioning Railroad opened by: PoppyKai, add___123 & The_Pock
  • First Non-Staff to see a llama: jmills321
  • First person to make a Haste 2 potion: alek_b
  • First person to reach level 100 in Alchemy: alek_b
  • First person to cure a zombie villager: SpookyScoops
  • First person to obtain mending: SpookyScoops
  • First person to make town in China (Beijing): No_Jewtsu
  • First person to make a town in the Middle East: God_Of_Murloc

List of World Records Edit

  • Biggest town by area: London
  • Biggest town by population: Epic_Berlin (50)
  • Biggest nation by population: UnitedStates (115)
  • Biggest canal in world: Korban Canal
  • Shortest lived country in the world: Spain(7 Days)
  • Shortest lived town in the world: Pervy_Creek(4 Days)
  • Largest McMmo level: BennyBurst